Disaster Response Volunteers Needed in Texas and Florida

MNA Disaster Response has been working with local PCA leadership to set up Volunteer Staging Sites in both TX and FL. Currently, we have two sites in TX in response to Hurricane Harvey and three sites set up in FL in response to Hurricane Irma. Each site has a limited number of lodging spaces available and are assigned on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Visit MNA’s website for all the details on how to volunteer as an individual or a team, as well as how to donate to relief efforts.

PCA Call Package Guidelines

The 40th PCA General Assembly approved the PCA Call Package Guidelines designed by PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc.  To read or learn more about the Guidelines, please see below and this video that was shown at GA.

A recent survey of PCA Teaching Elders revealed that a significant majority of ordained ministers in the PCA desire more guidance in structuring their call packages.   In response, PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc. has created the PCA Call Package Guidelines. The Guidelines provide practical guidance regarding call package content and structure, covering the essential elements of TE call packages and review other important compensation and tax issues affecting ministers. REs, TEs and TE spouses are encouraged to review this information to enhance their understanding of well-structured call packages. In addition to the Guidelines, RBI developed Presbytery Resources to aid in the implementation and use of the Guidelines.

View RBI website

Hear a parent’s perspective on Reformed University Ministries

I sat with mixed emotions reading the latest RUF newsletter. RUF has been the greatest thing for my daughter to be involved in at school. While I am so excited about her fast-approaching graduation date, I know she will fondly remember her experiences over the past three-and-a-half years. I can’t help but remember the little bit of criticism I got by allowing her to attend a “secular” university, but I knew she would make a difference on any campus she chose to attend.

I wanted to take this opportunity again to thank RUF for your ministry to college students. It truly is a gift and you have had a great impact on her life away from home. She endured some emotional trials those early days of her freshman year, and it was one of the most difficult times of her life. But that time in her life was definitely a growing experience. I’ve always said that college is more than merely book-learning, and we experienced that to an extreme.

So when your job gets frustrating, remember that you really do impact lives in a way that only a parent can recognize. As she thinks back over her years at Winthrop, it will be RUF that will stand out most in her memories. I can even see her in some sort of campus ministry in the days ahead. God bless you, your family, and RUF!

In Christ,

Winthrop University RUF Mom